Wednesday, April 6, 2011

He who plants the seed.............

Tonight I am home instead of at the garden  and I am trying to finalize the seed order.  We did get tomatoes,peppers and herbs started on Sunday and Linda is peeking under their little green blanket to make sure they are staying warm and toasty. 

Such decisions! Pole beans or bush ( pole I think so less bending over) Russets or Yukon gold, full or half carrots ( who knew there was a difference).

I am also trying to get ready for an Urban Harvest Garden meeting.  There are lots of jobs and not all require physical labor.  Looking forward to our weekly Friday night potluck with garden volunteers beginning sometime in May.

If you would like to help with something, contact me at the email listed at the side or come to the meeting on Tuesday April 19, 7pm ,Urban Heights,7605 Aurora.

He who plants the seed beneath the sod and waits believes in God

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